Thursday, 27 December 2012

Revamp Nigeria's Air space

Man and Science. Man and Technology. Man and Innovations. Who dare rule out man’s insatiable desire to explore their environment? Man since creation days always have the innate desire to make life easier through his innovations.

Travelling by air is adjudged the fastest means of transportation. In Nigeria, the stress of plying death trapped roads is eliminated through air travels. Alas! The hope of Nigerians in finding succour in air travel is waning by each day. Our airspace now typifies the quickest means of death.  A journey from en route the Nigerian airspace invokes emergency pastors, and imams. Passengers turn to their gods to grant them journey mercies. Last prayers are said in case of emergency.    The aviation sector in 2012 experienced turmoil. Aspirations, dreams were cut short by the various air crashes in 2012.

When man invented the plane, it was meant to bring comfort. He made it with the aim of alleviating stress. It was made for the airspace. The law of gravitation was not it route. Falling like leaves fall from the tree is unacceptable as it applies in our dear country. It was not meant to roast human beings. Has man’s invention taken over man? Man now lives at the mercy of his creation. What a pity! It’s creation was not meant for offloading in residential places.  

A passenger plane from Abuja on Sunday, June 3, 2012, crashed into two houses at Iju, a suburb of Lagos metropolis, killing all 146 passengers and seven crew members on board. The houses are located on Akande Street, in the densely populated area. Levi Ajuonoma, Spokesperson of NNPC, Aikhomu Ehime son of Maj. Gen Augustus AIkhomu and 152 others lost their lives.  Oh Death! Where is thy sting? That day left sour taste in our mouths. Citizeens who probably might have not boarded an airplane died in that unfortunate incident.

The Governor of Taraba State, Mr. Danbaba Suntai and five other passengers, including the governor’s security detail survived the crash in neighbouring Adamawa State (Suntai still undergoing treatment in Germany). It reportedly crashed about 38 miles to landing in Yola, Adamawa State.

Still fresh on our minds is the recent air crash involving the Governor of Kaduna State, Patrick Yakowa, the immediate past National Security Adviser (NSA) General Owoeye Azazi and four others while on board a Naval Helicopter at Nembe-Okoroba in Bayelsa State. The unfortunate incident brings to fore the porous transportation sector running in Nigeria.

The roads presents pot- holes of various shapes and depths, robbery and kidnapping traps and inescapable body pains. The problem of bad roads and insecurity on our highways, robbery and kidnapping activities act as disincentive to travelling by road the air presents fast means of transport but how safe is it?  The water ways are not utilized, the tracks lie fallow leaving marketers to display their wares.

As 2013 fast approaches, the need for proper enhancement of various transportation is key to avoid perpetual roasting of our citizens.

Happy New Year in advance!

Thursday, 18 October 2012


Call it man’s inhumanity to man, you might not be wrong. The recent killing of 4 undergraduates of the University of Port Harcourt is a replica of the wickedness of man as recorded in the Holy Scriptures. I am sure everyone would agree with me on this assertion. Men and women went the whole hug to hand these young ones their untimely death.
One begins to wonder what a nation we live in. The nation is in disarray. Nothing seems to be working. The power sector is in shambles. Privatization is now the order of the day. Owners of the companies to take over the power sector when fully privatized are former Heads of State, business moguls. The same old story. What a circular movement Nigerians find themselves in. Nigeria can not boast of having 6 hours of constant power supply non stop. Despite the billions of Dollars invested in the power sector.
The saving grace for our nation is the #5000 naira note policy. This is laughable! A country that has its citizens lives on less than $2 a day. Our World Bank certified minister tells us Nigeria is broke yet the leaders spend without batting an eyelid. Foreign trips now the order of the day. Our economy remains in shambles. $1 is equal #160? What a declination. We no longer stand tall to answer the title ‘the Giant of Africa’. Ghana has taken the front burner with their numerous achievements. What of South Africa? The Pride of Africa! Yet we celebrate our 52 years of independence with pageantry. Nigeria we hail thee.
When citizens decide to take laws into their hands, it shows the level of trust in the system.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


“Everyone is now a journalist. No holds barred. Information of various kinds is uploaded on these websites. I begin to wonder where our traditional media would be in the next 10 years. Our social media is abashed with increasingly abusive, restless, frustrated, inarticulate, aggressive users who have lost hope in their country. A medium expected to serve as a common ground for all to mingle, rub minds and forge ahead has turned to a ground for scoring political points.”


While walking along the streets of Lagos, I see many clutch to their communication gadgets passionately. Some laughing, while others putting up a serious face but what they all have in common are networking. The social media affords them the opportunity. The craze for networking is alarming while its impact on nation building is laudable. When that beautiful daughter of a Retired Major embarked on a journey, Cynthia Osokogu, she did not know that would be her last. She was a 24-year-old postgraduate student of Nasarawa State University, Keffi. Her undoing was accepting to believe the tricksters on facebook leading to her death. What a tragedy! Social media today is undoubtedly a useful tool for anyone to employ. The world is a global village and those that live in it can attest. The gradual though steady progress of communication has reached an unremarkable height. We all live in an environment that is information sensitive rapid enough to trigger reactions. Change is the only constant thing, isn’t it? Yes, it is. I could seat in the comfort of my room and get latest information around the world. This is technology! My opinion concerning an issue could be aired for anyone to read. Wikipedia defines social media as ‘web- and mobile-based technologies that support interactive dialogue and introduce substantial and pervasive changes to communication between organizations, communities, and individuals’. In essence, users generate and share all types of content within their established networks. It gives the opportunity for users to create, share and edit content. Many Nigerians are turning to social networking websites on a daily basis. Pertinent issues are debated and opinions formed. Facebook , a social networking site has a total of 1 billion users presently. 1 out 7 people in the world is on facebook. Nigeria is not an exception.

The community of Nigerians on social networks is relatively impactful. The numerous eels of the nation are discussed; recent happenings are displayed for everyone to comment. The recent happenings in Nigeria are not shy of adorning numerous websites, weblogs and social networks (face book, twitter). Nigerians Currently, there are 6,558,520 Facebook users in the Nigeria. From Facebook to BBM, via Twitter through 2go to Skype and all other social media platforms, Nigerians are engaging each other, networking and building strong lasting relationships
The social media community is currently trending with the brutal killings of 4 promising students. The social networks are abashed with links suggesting the reasons for the nefarious acts by residents of Aluu, Rivers State. The users of these social networks are totally against the dastardly act. Their agitation is drawing up public opinion amongst Nigerians. The case of these students: Biringa Chiadika Lordson, a second-year theatre arts student, with Matriculation Number U2010/1805036, Ugonna Kelechi Obuzor, also a year two geology student with Matriculation Number U2010/5565149 and Mike Lloyd Toku, year two civil engineering student, with Matriculation Number U2010/3010094 of UNIPORT wouldn’t have drawn comments without the social media. Video clips of the killings are made available for everyone to view.

OMOJUWA v. ARIK AIR The just concluded battle of Japheth Omojuwa and Arik Air over the disappearance of Japheth‘s I-pad while on board a flight highlighted the power of social media. As an active member of the social media, Japheth was able to drum support on twitter for the release of his I-pad.

OCCUPY NIGERIA: Subsidy was removed and Nigerians reacted spontaneously with #occupyNigeria on twitter to express their displeasure on the way the Nigerian government acted. Many were encouraged to come out and resist the change through the social media.

UNILAG NAME CHANGE: The infamous speech of President Good luck Jonathan on May 29, 2012 concerning the name change of UNILAG received a vehement refusal from users of social media. The campaign carried out on the social media systematically threw the name change proposal into the refuse bin.

Everyone is now a journalist. No holds barred. Information of various kinds is uploaded on these websites. I
begin to wonder where our traditional media would be in the next 10 years. Our social media is abashed with increasingly abusive, restless, frustrated, inarticulate, aggressive users who have lost hope in their country. A medium expected to serve as a common ground for all to mingle, rub minds and forge ahead has turned to a ground for scoring political points. We have now embarked on a quest to swindle our brothers and sisters through the social media. We have no regard for those in authority. We rain abuses on them non stop. Rumor peddling is the order of the day. We post news items that are false. As our nation lumbers from one scandal to another, social media has significantly played a role in propagating information rapidly to the public.

The Senate President, David Mark lends his voice to the negative trend on social media “there must be a measure to check the negative tendencies of the social media in our country.”Everyone should aid in curtailing the numerous negative acts perpetrated on social media.

Friday, 5 October 2012


       When the Union Jack (British flag) was lowered at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos on the 1st of October 1960, it was welcomed by Nigerians. The world welcomed the new country. Nigerians heaved a sigh of relief- Goodbye to colonialism. It was dreams come true. The Green-White flag instilled confidence, nurtured aspirations and brought hope to the hopeless. Nigeria served as a perfect example for other African countries. Fifty-two years down the line, has Nigeria maintained her lead as the “Giant of Africa”?
    The nascent independence underwent a litmus test- Nigeria Civil War (1967-1970) the 1967 civil war which lasted for 30 months exposed the crack in the wall. Nigeria overcame it. That is why we are still together. It only took the 3Rs policy to resuscitate the ailing nation. The military era was based on a dictatorial approach to governance. Then came democracy. Democracy was based on legitimacy. After 13 years of uninterrupted democratic rule stability has been achieved. That is a milestone. 

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Thursday, 9 February 2012


The proverbial grass suffering  when two elephants fight is a typical example of the never ending strike plaguing the education sector of this country. ASUU  on the 1st of February called off another strike which lasted for two months.

The recent rankings released by an independent body on universities has no Nigeria university in the top 1600. Government  reneging on their promises concerning the education system should be avoided.
The funding of university for research and the general revitalization of the sector,providing for the progressive increase of annual budgetary allocation of education to 26 percent between 2009 -2020, transfer of government landed property to universities. Others include setting up research and development unit and teaching equipment.
Tochukwu, a UNILAG student responding to this ever surfacing strike ‘I feel saddened by this prolong strike which is discouraging”.Also speaking  to is
Becky, a UNIBEN student  she expresses her great displeasement on this brouhaha hich is spirit dampening

Finally, the bedrock of any society’s growth is the quality of education at hand. The youths are the future leaders and a strike action therefore puts their quest to move this country to a greater height in jeopardy.  In view of the 20:2020 goal the stakeholders should join hands together to move the education sector to a greater height.


Thursday, 26 January 2012


The leader of this country on Wednesday announced the appointment of a new Inspector General in place of Hafiz Ringim.

This decision might not be  unconnected to the recent bombing excercise been experienced in the country.

The topmost duty on the agenda for the former AIG and now Acting IG is to restore peace, tranquilty, trust and order in Nigeria.

If this is achieved, the nation would be a lovely place to be in.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

FG/LABOUR -who blinks first?

  Subsidy  is the latest word added into the vocabularies of many Nigerians as at today. Many on the streets have indulged in very intelligent conversation on this issue of fuel subsidy removal. This topical issue has raised so many dust right from the first day of its proposal up till today. Certain top government functionaries have employed certain mediums to postulate this idea of removal osf subsidy. "some cabals have held the country hostage" a minister of the country said.

  The straw that broke the camels back was the surprise package delivered on the first day of the year when spirits were high, NEW YEAR greeting still rent the air, and hopes and aspirations were in top gear for a great year ahead only to be hit with a GREEK GIFT by the Prsident of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. this New year's gift left sour taste in the mouths of Nigerians

  Several civil society groups, labour unions and the TUC have come out to condemn this action which is a slap on Nigerians and the highest point of decit. In earnest, the nationwide kick started on the 9TH of this month. several meetings have been held between the government and the labour union all ending in deadlocks. Who would bow first in this situation waits to be seen. The egoistic nature of government and the never- say- die habit of the labour union which would give way?
And this is DAY5 and still counting