Thursday, 12 January 2012

FG/LABOUR -who blinks first?

  Subsidy  is the latest word added into the vocabularies of many Nigerians as at today. Many on the streets have indulged in very intelligent conversation on this issue of fuel subsidy removal. This topical issue has raised so many dust right from the first day of its proposal up till today. Certain top government functionaries have employed certain mediums to postulate this idea of removal osf subsidy. "some cabals have held the country hostage" a minister of the country said.

  The straw that broke the camels back was the surprise package delivered on the first day of the year when spirits were high, NEW YEAR greeting still rent the air, and hopes and aspirations were in top gear for a great year ahead only to be hit with a GREEK GIFT by the Prsident of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. this New year's gift left sour taste in the mouths of Nigerians

  Several civil society groups, labour unions and the TUC have come out to condemn this action which is a slap on Nigerians and the highest point of decit. In earnest, the nationwide kick started on the 9TH of this month. several meetings have been held between the government and the labour union all ending in deadlocks. Who would bow first in this situation waits to be seen. The egoistic nature of government and the never- say- die habit of the labour union which would give way?
And this is DAY5 and still counting

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