Thursday, 18 October 2012


Call it man’s inhumanity to man, you might not be wrong. The recent killing of 4 undergraduates of the University of Port Harcourt is a replica of the wickedness of man as recorded in the Holy Scriptures. I am sure everyone would agree with me on this assertion. Men and women went the whole hug to hand these young ones their untimely death.
One begins to wonder what a nation we live in. The nation is in disarray. Nothing seems to be working. The power sector is in shambles. Privatization is now the order of the day. Owners of the companies to take over the power sector when fully privatized are former Heads of State, business moguls. The same old story. What a circular movement Nigerians find themselves in. Nigeria can not boast of having 6 hours of constant power supply non stop. Despite the billions of Dollars invested in the power sector.
The saving grace for our nation is the #5000 naira note policy. This is laughable! A country that has its citizens lives on less than $2 a day. Our World Bank certified minister tells us Nigeria is broke yet the leaders spend without batting an eyelid. Foreign trips now the order of the day. Our economy remains in shambles. $1 is equal #160? What a declination. We no longer stand tall to answer the title ‘the Giant of Africa’. Ghana has taken the front burner with their numerous achievements. What of South Africa? The Pride of Africa! Yet we celebrate our 52 years of independence with pageantry. Nigeria we hail thee.
When citizens decide to take laws into their hands, it shows the level of trust in the system.
When a person decides to take down anyone who trespasses without regards to the law has definitely lost hope in the judiciary system. Nigerians woke up to hear the death of:
(i) Ugonna Obuzor- aged 18 Years; 200 Level Geology student;
(ii) Lloyd Toku- aged 19 Years; 200 Level Civil Engineering student;
(iii)Tekena Elkanah- aged 20 Years, a Diploma Technical student
(iv)Chiadaka Odinga- aged 20 Years, 200 Level Theatre Arts student.
The future generation. The hope of the nation. The strength of an ailing nation. Maybe Lioyd Toku was the problem solver of our bad road networks. Their lives were taken without mercy. Men took laws into their hands.
Where was our Judiciary system when all these ensued? Has Nigerians lost hope in the Aloma Mukhtar led Judiciary? Why didn’t we let justice take its course? Is this the right trend to adhere to? Everyone is shouting ALUU! ALUU! Won’t there be a repeat if the location is changed. Won’t some other communities do more than the citizens of Aluu community did? Why must we treat our fellow mate like that? It is barbaric.
The loss of faith in the Nigeria system shouldn’t be a basis for barbaric acts. Is love not the greatest commandment? Are we not meant to show love to others. Forgive when they err and let justice take its course?
Now the deed is done. There seems to be a recurrence of these insane acts. Our frustration should not be transferred on others. Those eventually found guilty should be dealt with to avert this trend starting to take center stage.

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