Thursday, 27 December 2012

Revamp Nigeria's Air space

Man and Science. Man and Technology. Man and Innovations. Who dare rule out man’s insatiable desire to explore their environment? Man since creation days always have the innate desire to make life easier through his innovations.

Travelling by air is adjudged the fastest means of transportation. In Nigeria, the stress of plying death trapped roads is eliminated through air travels. Alas! The hope of Nigerians in finding succour in air travel is waning by each day. Our airspace now typifies the quickest means of death.  A journey from en route the Nigerian airspace invokes emergency pastors, and imams. Passengers turn to their gods to grant them journey mercies. Last prayers are said in case of emergency.    The aviation sector in 2012 experienced turmoil. Aspirations, dreams were cut short by the various air crashes in 2012.

When man invented the plane, it was meant to bring comfort. He made it with the aim of alleviating stress. It was made for the airspace. The law of gravitation was not it route. Falling like leaves fall from the tree is unacceptable as it applies in our dear country. It was not meant to roast human beings. Has man’s invention taken over man? Man now lives at the mercy of his creation. What a pity! It’s creation was not meant for offloading in residential places.  

A passenger plane from Abuja on Sunday, June 3, 2012, crashed into two houses at Iju, a suburb of Lagos metropolis, killing all 146 passengers and seven crew members on board. The houses are located on Akande Street, in the densely populated area. Levi Ajuonoma, Spokesperson of NNPC, Aikhomu Ehime son of Maj. Gen Augustus AIkhomu and 152 others lost their lives.  Oh Death! Where is thy sting? That day left sour taste in our mouths. Citizeens who probably might have not boarded an airplane died in that unfortunate incident.

The Governor of Taraba State, Mr. Danbaba Suntai and five other passengers, including the governor’s security detail survived the crash in neighbouring Adamawa State (Suntai still undergoing treatment in Germany). It reportedly crashed about 38 miles to landing in Yola, Adamawa State.

Still fresh on our minds is the recent air crash involving the Governor of Kaduna State, Patrick Yakowa, the immediate past National Security Adviser (NSA) General Owoeye Azazi and four others while on board a Naval Helicopter at Nembe-Okoroba in Bayelsa State. The unfortunate incident brings to fore the porous transportation sector running in Nigeria.

The roads presents pot- holes of various shapes and depths, robbery and kidnapping traps and inescapable body pains. The problem of bad roads and insecurity on our highways, robbery and kidnapping activities act as disincentive to travelling by road the air presents fast means of transport but how safe is it?  The water ways are not utilized, the tracks lie fallow leaving marketers to display their wares.

As 2013 fast approaches, the need for proper enhancement of various transportation is key to avoid perpetual roasting of our citizens.

Happy New Year in advance!