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Thursday, 9 February 2012


The proverbial grass suffering  when two elephants fight is a typical example of the never ending strike plaguing the education sector of this country. ASUU  on the 1st of February called off another strike which lasted for two months.

The recent rankings released by an independent body on universities has no Nigeria university in the top 1600. Government  reneging on their promises concerning the education system should be avoided.
The funding of university for research and the general revitalization of the sector,providing for the progressive increase of annual budgetary allocation of education to 26 percent between 2009 -2020, transfer of government landed property to universities. Others include setting up research and development unit and teaching equipment.
Tochukwu, a UNILAG student responding to this ever surfacing strike ‘I feel saddened by this prolong strike which is discouraging”.Also speaking  to  KAYLAYCHI.blogspot.com is
Becky, a UNIBEN student  she expresses her great displeasement on this brouhaha hich is spirit dampening

Finally, the bedrock of any society’s growth is the quality of education at hand. The youths are the future leaders and a strike action therefore puts their quest to move this country to a greater height in jeopardy.  In view of the 20:2020 goal the stakeholders should join hands together to move the education sector to a greater height.

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