Tuesday, 20 August 2013


It was with detestation I read all the essays, posts, reactions and counters of Nigerians centered on an action
of a state government. Just an action of government caused the barrage of words adorning
pages of newspaper, websites and various social networks.

Oh my God! I am sure the pen manufacturing companies are yet to recover from the sales recorded from our
writers. Not also leaving out website administrators nationwide who are yet to enumerate the numerous links created.

Whether it was 19 Igbo 'destitutes' or 72 destitutes, I feel a better way of handling the issue would have saved the stress of  reading books of truth and bitter truth. I marvel at the spontenity of Nigerians who are always ready to go the whole hug in carrying the historic Samsonic tearing of a lion against people who say things they term tribalistic against their 'tribe'.

Nigerians we hail thee! Compatroits have retired to their water beds. They seem to never wake from their slumber.Since 1914 till date. Nigeria has been bedeviled by the dreaded monster tribalism.

The monster 'Tribalism'

Tribalists indeed are in control. 1914 till date has been their timeline. How I wish the amalgation never took place. From the word go, its been 'me and my tribe affair'. Territorial boundaries consciously and unconsciously created. Forgetting it is 'One Nigeria, One People' that ought to be.

That is why an 'Hausa' man found in either Ogun, Osun,Lagos, Ekiti, Ondo, Oyo States are treated
as vistors. Or when a 'yoruba' man who might have spent his life time, money in the shores of Abia, Ebonyi, Imo, Anambra, Enugu States he is regarded as a visitor with limited entitlements.

These set of people are not allowed to contest for electoral positions. Yet taxes are collected from these people regarded as visitors. O ma se o!

You hear of Catchment Area. Is this not the pathway to tribalism.Every year potential college
more students are denied because they are not from that area. Is this not disheartening?

No matter how qualified you are, if you do not come from a specified tribe forget it. Should this be?

Oh! The Almighty Zoning Formular. This formula that has always bedeviled the political circles. This formula that has caused a revolution in our vocabularly cabin.
 I am sure you have not forgotten the 'do-or- die'. If you have, I am sure you can never forget this: 'if we do not rule, we will make the nation ungovernable'.

Or is it the ringing tone of this era: 'he is our son and we must complete our tenure', 'if we don't win we will go back to the c****s' and all sort. Will these ever lead us anywhere? Are we destined to succeed like this? Or is this not creating more enmity, bad blood and adrenaline gingered personalities who are
battle ready?

A tribe not in power is ready to engage Mr PHD (Pull Him Down) to rubbish the administration in power.
A tribe is ready to maim in order to remain in power. Serving with love is never the case. The political class when defending their actions are always ready to draw inferences from the west.

Yet the oneness in the west cannot be replicated over here. Oneness that involves showing of love to everyone, taking everyone as brothers and sisters regarding every nook and cranny for all and sundry.

The way forward

Despite all these name calling, bad blood between tribes,segregation, mediocrity, zoning, quota system and all sort there is a way forward.

The day we begin to take every Nigerian despite his tribe as brothers and sisters, the day we have a truly united nation. The day we jettison mediocrity for meritocracy.

The day we determine to give our lives for the betterment of Nigeria then we might say there is light at the end of the tunnel. I believe in Nigeria. I believe Nigerians can truly be united.
Although we might have started poorly, yet the glory of the latter house can be greater than the former.

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