Monday, 30 September 2013

NIGERIA @ 53 : Our Dream Country

Nigerians at home and in Diaspora today marks the country’s Independence Day. 53 years ago, a nation was born. The union jack lowered.
Bright hopes of a better future (after the exodus of the colonial masters). October 1, 1960, Nigerians heaved a sigh of relief. Freedom! Oh yes freedom from the colonial administration.
A child born in 1960, by now must have grown to a matured man or woman. Expectedly married to his/her heartthrob. Hopefully blessed with children. Luckily an early grand parent. This is no mere feat. So Nigeria deserves our celebration. She has passed through several challenges but remain together. To mark this year’s celebration, public analysts and social commentators have continued to speak on Nigeria’s progress thus far.
To me, I believe there is hope for this country. The nation is yet to attain the heights of greatness but has the potentials. The country will only achieve such with the right set of leaders. Leaders of conscience. Those who will stem the affairs of the nation meaningfully.  Insightful, visionary, charismatic, creative and goal getters- these are the ingredients of our dream leaders.
Also, a nation with followers of conscience, defenders of truth and constructive critics. We are tired of partisan politics. Tired of destructive criticisms. Enough of PHD syndrome. Spare us the break from incessant name callings. Altruistic citizens we need.
 This is the magic rob for Nigeria to grow. This is the APC to lift Nigeria from the doldrums.  Nigeria can truly assume the office of GIANT OF AFRICA if strong institutions are built. Systems that can operate at high optimum.
At 53, we still need to solve these:
Security:  Nigeria’s security level remains at the lowest ebb.  Just on last Sunday, harmless students probably having their siesta were shot dead. The gunmen broke into their rooms and killed students, forced others to leave their campus and injured persons of various degrees. The killings grow by the day. The security officers of the Nigeria need to up their game. Enough of rampant killings and incessant kidnappings. Save Nigerians from high walled homes, bullet proof cars and gates not forgetting fearful barks from stern looking dog.
Education: Ask for a nation that wants a better future, it is a nation that invests in the future. The future is in the students. Our education sector definitely needs a revamp. Currently, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is on strike. ASUU Strike has spanned for 100 days. Students left at home. The earlier we pay attention to education the better.
Power: A large percentage of the citizens possess generating sets. Everyday, several tons of carbon monoxide released from millions of exhausts. Yet to boast of a reasonable hours of electricity. Companies run on generating sets thereby increasing cost of production translating to hike in prices. In this regard, The Jonathan led government roadmap for power is restoring hopes in Nigeria. The earlier this is done the better for our nation.
Tolu Ogunlesi, a Nigerian columnist for the Punch Newspaper puts it aptly:” The power sector reform programme demands the highest levels of transparency. The sort of controversy that attended the Manitoba transaction must not be allowed to happen again. In the spirit of enlightened self-interest, the best thing the President can achieve by mid-2014 is to guarantee a minimum number of hours of electricity per day, across the country.”
In his opinion titled Nigeria: Another Independence Day is here… The Punch September 30, 2013, he says:
 “Nigerians are quite forgetful and forgiving people; if you give them a visible improvement in power, there’s nothing to say they won’t forgive and forget the misstep that was the attempt at removing the fuel subsidy. They might even be the ones to plead with you to contest for a third term in 2019.”
  53 YEARS no be beans as used in local parlance for a respectable height attained. Truly Nigeria need not deal in diapers. The moment of change is now.

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